December 2019


Santa’s Sleigh Routes 2019

The reindeer have been fed, the Sleigh has been repaired and Santa is almost ready to visit Henley and Shiplake.

Just to let you know Santa has been too busy to arrange credit, so please have cash ready for his collecting buckets, as all the money goes to local good causes.

Santa sets off at 6.00pm and will finish by 8.00pm.Santa’s planned routes are as follows, but if the weather is too wet or too icy he will have to cancel, but will hope to catch up at the end.

Monday 9th December

Hamilton Avenue,  St Mark’s Road, Gainsborough Estate, St Andrew’s Road.

Tuesday 10th December

Shiplake area

Wednesday 11th December

Wilson Avenue, Waterman’s,Noble, Lawson Roads, Reading Road to Marmion. Grange and Park Roads. Harpsden Road including Boston and Niagara Roads

Thursday 12th December

Deanfield Avenue and Road, Valley Road, Elizabeth Road, Chiltern Close, St Mary’s Close, Nicholas Road

Sunday 15th December

Blandy and Makins Roads, Wootton Road to King James Way including Knappe, Gravett and Periam Close, St Andrew’s Road to Green Lane.

Monday 16th December

Kings Road, York and Clarence Roads to Mount View. Crisp and Clements Roads, Luker Avenue Abrahams, Cooper and Simmons Roads. King’s Road, Baronsmead, Ravenscroft Road

Tuesday 17th December

Singer’s Lane,  Damer Gardens, Western and South Avenue. Up Peppard Lane to Western Road, Cromwell Close & Road, Bellevue, Berkshire and Manor Roads.

Wednesday 18th December

Greys Road to The Close, Greys Hill, Church Street, Albert Road

Thursday 19th December

Town Centre including Station Road, Queen Street, Friday Street, Gravel Hill, Hop Gardens, West Street, Northfield End, New Street.