Christmas Parcel Packing

Henley Lions have been involved in the annual Christmas parcels project for many years. However, 13 years ago, the club took on the entire project which involves securing funding, procuring the contents, ordering all the contents, packing all the parcels, organising all the deliveries and then delivering all the parcels.  This year the club delivered parcels to 92 needy individuals and families in our local area. The parcels contain a variety of food stuffs which help make the Christmas holiday period a little more enjoyable for the recipients.




Lion Chris Free’s Induction

At our September meeting Lion President Pam Pitts inducted Christine Free into our club as its newest member.  Chris was proposed by her cousin and sponsor Lion Vice President David Skinner. Lion Chris has supported the club on numerous occasions prior to her induction and we are all extremely pleased to have her as one of our members.  Club membership currently stands at 27 members.


Lions Handover

Each year every Lions Club welcomes their new club president and thanks their outgoing one.  This year was no exception when Lion President Mel Williams handed over to Lion Pam Pitts. Mel completed his second term as club president and Pam was beginning her second term. The event was held as a BBQ in Pam and Rod’s back garden and was a most enjoyable event. Mel thanked members for all their support and hard work over the past year while Pam explained her priorities for the coming year. Both said how proud they are to be members of the club and were so pleased with all the service we give to our local community.



Wyfold Riding for the Disabled

Henley Lions Club donated £500 to one of our local Riding for the Disabled groups.  The Wyfold RDA is one of the very first RDA groups to be established in the UK and provides support to a large number of local children and young adults in our local community.  This donation was intended to help the group with its ongoing running costs.